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Building brighter futures by providing access and opportunities to support the innovators of tomorrow.

Research Scientists work with CA technical experts, universities, governments, non-profit agencies, and industry consortia to identify research opportunities and centers of excellence performing interesting and leading edge research. In our goal to inspire the next generation of leaders, we get involved in different types of activities, including sponsoring and supervision of PhD students, mentoring students at schools, promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), as well as developing open source tools and giving open access to our code.


Industrial Doctorates

Sponsorship and mentoring of a PhD student in the context of a joint doctoral training project between CA and a university, where close collaboration is essential.

CA regularly participates in the Industrial Doctorates program, which promotes upgrading and embedding research in companies, attracting young talent into research and providing top quality training. The center element of the collaboration is the PhD student, who finishes the program by completing her PhD degree, while receiving academic guidance from the university and industrial experience from CA Technologies. The PhD student is hired by CA Technologies, spends part of her time at the university and part at CA Technologies, and gets involved in the strategy and lives the DNA of the company.

PAE course – Applied Engineering Project

A university course where students are introduced to innovation in business, Agile and LEAN principles through the development of an applied engineering project motivated by companies’ technical challenges.

PAE is an optional course of the Computer Science Bachelor at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) with two main objectives: training students to build their own solutions to real industrial/societal challenges, and narrowing the gap between industry and students.
Students improve their soft-skills, technological stack and business vision through the development of an innovative project in close collaboration with a co-located company. To foster entrepreneurship, companies act as consumers of the solution, providing regular feedback and helping them to shape their proposal with a business-oriented vision. CA Technologies has participated in several instances of this course, receiving the highest marks as “host” company by the students.

Aula Empresa - Company workshops/seminars to University students

CA participation in workshops/seminars held at the Computer Science School of the University

During two weeks, the Computer Science School at UPC ( hosts short workshops/seminars of 9 hours each, where professionals from ICT companies present different aspects of their companies. It is an optional activity for students, who decide which sessions they want to attend. CA Technologies is one of the companies participating in this activity every year, involving employees from different departments.

Open Source

Strategic Research has actively participated in different open source software projects. The open-source model, that promotes universal access to software developments, offers the possibility of removing the barriers to innovation, while globalizing and sharing knowledge.


The ability for economies to remain innovative and competitive relies on the availability of skilled workers.

CA Strategic Research has actively participated in the 'Deploy your Talents' project as part of the Create Tomorrow initiative, a CA Technologies corporate social responsibility program in EMEA which aims to inspire students to consider future careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Invited Talks and Other Activities

CA Strategic Research is invited to give keynotes or technical talks at scientific conferences or events, and at technical universities. These invited talks provide us with the opportunity to share our knowledge, introduce our team to new researchers, network with the academic community and mutually learn.

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Research and Development help create a culture of innovation. At CA, we cultivate innovation from the ground up through our projects, partnerships and patents.

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