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Trustworthy and Smart Actuation in IoT systems    

Smart IoT systems typically operate in a changing and often unpredictable environment, the ability of these systems to continuously evolve and adapt to their new environment is decisive to ensure and increase their trustworthiness, quality and user experience. However, there is no complete DevOps support for trustworthy smart IoT systems today.

Because smart applications may involve IoT devices that can have direct impact on the physical world, special attention is required to ensure the consistency of the different actuation behaviors and the management of intelligent behavior also at the edge and IoT end.

With that aim, ENACT will research on the continuous delivery of trustworthy & smart IoT applications and the Agile operation of trustworthy and smart IoT applications, through the development of novel IoT platform enablers to:​

  • enable DevOps in the realm of trustworthy smart IoT systems, and enrich it for end-to-end security and privacy, strengthening trustworthiness, considering challenges related to “collaborative” actuation.
  • facilitate the integration of enablers to leverage DevOps for existing and new IoT platforms and approaches (e.g., FIWARE).

To reduce delivery time and to foster continuous evolution of trustworthy smart IoT Systems, ENACT will provide automation to close the gap between development and operation activities following the philosophy of DevSecOps, and foster the continuous creation, evolution, and deployment of trustworthy smart IoT applications.

ENACT provides the missing links to implement a DevOps software process for IoT systems. The core of the ENACT enabler will be kept independent from the underlying implementation choices (programming languages, libraries, IoT platform, protocols, devices, etc.)

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