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Antonio Martini

Principal, Strategic Research

Antonio Martini is Principal Strategic Researcher at CA Technologies and also Associate Professor at the University of Oslo. Antonio joined CA Technologies thanks to a 2-year project co-financed by TecnioSpring+ program, part of H2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant of the European Union.

Antonio’s experience covers Software Engineering and Management in several contexts: large software companies, small web companies, business to business companies, startups. His expertise ranges from technical programming to software architecture and software quality measurements, to Agile ways of working and software business. Antonio has performed empirical studies involving hundreds of practitioners from industry.

Antonio has worked as a Software Developer for several years while obtaining his Master in Software Engineering from the University of Parma, Italy. He then got his PhD from Chalmers University of Technologies, studying the balance between short-term and long-term decisions in software engineering and the phenomenon of Technical Debt. Afterwards, he worked both as a Postdoc at Chalmers and as a consultant for Ericsson and Volvo Group IT. In August 2017, Antonio started his position at the University of Oslo as Associate Professor.