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Erin Bank

Advisor, Engineering Program Management
Deliverable Maestro and Personal Record Crusher

Erin Bank is Advisor of Engineering Program Management for Innovation Programs. She currently drives the CA Inner Source program to foster cross-BU collaboration and help enable internal sharing, reuse, and leverage of common code and building blocks across CA products. In addition, Erin provides program management support for the CA Accelerator program, which seeks to incubate new business ideas, accelerate growth and govern organic innovation investments.

Erin joined CA Technologies in 1997. Her experience includes information services, engineering operations, program management, and product and solutions management. Erin has led many cross-organizational transformation initiatives including the 2015 re-engineering of CA Technologies external-facing product roadmaps to enable market value focus, and the 2014 company transformation from the legacy customer request process to mobile and collaborative customer ideation. In 2011, Erin led the Information Services effort to design and execute a strategy for leaner, more accessible, use-case-based product information, the result of which is today’s DocOps. In 2010, Erin drove a team to design and execute an internal Women in Technology mentoring pilot to provide employees with the environment to achieve their full potential while positioning the company to operate as an innovative, world-class organization in the global marketplace. In 2004-5, as an ex-pat in Hyderabad, India, Erin built and trained the Technical Information organization for CA Technologies ITC.

Erin is a CA Technologies certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Erin is also Pragmatic Marketing certified.

“Setbacks are inevitable. If you go off course when you’re driving to an event, you don’t give up, just go home and miss the event. You take a minute and figure out how to get back on course, and you get there.”

Erin Bank
Research Engineering, CA Technologies