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Michal Zasadzinski

Associate Research Engineer
High-Speed Swimmer, Barbecue Master and Open-Minded Engineer

Michał Zasadziński is an Associate Research Engineer in CA Labs, based in Barcelona. His current research is related to BigStorage project to provide effective diagnostic and analysis mechanisms for energy consumption and storage in datacenters. Field of his daily work is Root Cause Analysis based on Bayesian approach, Artificial Intelligence and analysis of Big Data solutions in smart cities.

Michał is pursuing a Ph.D on Distributed RCA at UPC on Computer Architecture Department. Before joining the team, he used to work as a professional software developer. He is a passionate of physics and engineering with fascinating achievements and experience in this area. Diagnostic algorithms in the system of artificial heart were the topic of his master thesis at Warsaw University of Technology.

Apart from being addicted to all kind of sports he constructs his own J-class yacht in the scale 1:80.