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Steven Greenspan

Vice President and Research Scientist, Strategic Research
Leader Board Member for CA Patents and Dreamer of Chocolate

Dr. Steven Greenspan is a Vice President and Research Scientist at CA Research. He is working with university researchers to examine fundamental issues in User Experience, Privacy, Internet of Things, Collaborative Robotics​, and Ethical AI.

In addition to his research and management responsibilities, he is a member of the Industrial Advisory Board for the NSF UICRC Center for Visual and Decision Informatics. ​​Steve was elected President of the CA Council for Technical Excellence in 2009 and again in 2010.

Prior to joining CA Technologies, Steve was a Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff at AT&T Bell Labs and AT&T Labs. He received a PhD in Cognitive Psychology from SUNY Buffalo, and conducted postdoctoral research at UC San Diego, in user experience design and cognition. Steve is co-inventor on over fifty-seven U.S.-issued patents, which includes the first patent to describe multi-factor, multi-device authentication for physical and IT security systems (awarded, 1998​).​