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Create APIs from data to launch new apps and integrations faster than ever.

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Build APIs from existing enterprise data using a point-and-click interface.

CA Live API Creator helps you rapidly create application back-ends for internal applications, mobile development projects, data-as-a-service exposure, Internet of Things (IoT) enablement and partner application integrations.

With CA Live API Creator, you can:

  • Create enterprise APIs from diverse data sources up to ten times faster than hand coding and up to 40 times more concise.
  • Integrate data from both SQL and NoSQL data sources with fine-grained security and the flexibility to deploy and scale to existing and future architectures.
  • Execute business policies and enable interactive data exploration through a browser interface.


Speed time to market

CA Live API Creator is ten times faster than coding.

Enable reactive logic

This API Management solution is 40 times more concise than coding.

Rapidly expose data sources

CA Live API Creator enforces fine-grained data access control.

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