CA Federation Implementation Services

CA Federation provides standards-based federated identity single sign-on capabilities that enable users to easily and securely access data and applications of other organizations as well as cloud services via cloud single sign-on. CA Federation Services help enable employee and partner access from within the enterprise to multiple SaaS tenants.

Drive SaaS adoption by leveraging the federation partnerships in CA Federation with the expertise of CA Services professionals. Deploy seamless single sign-on from your Windows and intranet environment to external SaaS-based applications with confidence and value.

Business Challenges

IT executives are struggling to respond to business demands to drive cloud and SaaS adoption to reduce costs and improve productivity. Externalization of the business is causing corporate boundaries to disappear as new deployment models emerge and transform your IT environment. Some refer to this as the extended enterprise, but regardless of what it’s called it appears ‘identity is the new perimeter’ when it comes to protecting the new cloud based enterprise. You face challenges, such as:

How can you adopt new IT services quickly and cost effectively while maintaining the integrity and security your environment demands?

How do you maintain proper protection of critical information, applications and processes as they are migrated to SaaS or the cloud?

How can you overcome skills gaps and ensure that your migration to the cloud and SaaS is seamless and done right?

Key Benefits/Results

  • Reduce IT costs and improve productivity by enabling SaaS adoption and enhancing how employees interact with internal business services.
  • Maintain governance and security of employee and partner access to the extended enterprise.
  • Protect your IT environment from threats including data breaches, misuse of credentials and unauthorized access.

Key Features

  • Helps speed SaaS-based application adoption with deployment assistance to quickly enable new federation partnerships
  • Provides fast time to value getting you up and running rapidly with an easy to use and administer solution.
  • Leverages the expertise of the CA Services team who understand CA Federation and can help drive SaaS adoption in the enterprise.
  • Quickly deliver new, innovative business services to your users for agility and competitive advantage.

Offering Overview

CA Federation Implementation Services are a flexible, multi- day engagement that accelerates the transition to SaaS by securely deploying federation partnerships between your Windows environment and external SaaS tenants. The CA Services professionals analyze your current Windows environment and internal business services to identify any potential opportunities to leverage CA’s SAML-based federation model to enable access to a cloud or SaaS based delivery model.

The typical customer will have two or three SaaS providers that they want to adopt within their enterprise and CA Federation Services will securely enable employee and partner access from within the intranet to the new extended enterprise.

The service provides:

  • Documentation, implementation guide and solution test plan
  • Deployment of the integrated Windows Authentication agent
  • IdP initiated single sign-on (SSO) use case
  • A secure SSO template between your employee AD and your chosen SaaS partners in the Cloud
  • Federation SAML 2.0 as a secure template for integration between your intranet and your SaaS partners

Completed integration of the above by CA Services consultants help with your first SaaS partner in your development and QA environments from the list below.

Workday HR     CA PPM SaaS   Google Apps* 
Oracle Taleo Office 365*
Concur Cisco WebEx
Lithium Yammer   

Your SaaS provider must provide development tenants and an integration partner resource to support integration work when testing integration with CA SiteMinder Federation. Please consult with CA personnel for other supported SaaS providers.

Foundation Services

Success starts with a solid foundation. CA Services provides you with an out-ofthe-box foundational implementation of CA Federation to help enable access to external SaaS providers while protecting the corporate boundary between the enterprise and the cloud. The foundation service:

  • Provides for an easy entry point to enable employee and partner single sign-on with SaaS providers.
  • Delivers a maturity path and plan as your organization takes advantage of the cost benefits of a SaaS model for new services delivery.
  • Helps achieve faster time-to-value and quick ROI from your software investments.

In addition to the CA Federation Foundation Services you will have the option to continue on your path using the CA Services acceleration model to help move your solution forward– tailored to your enterprise’s requirements.

Acceleration Services

After you have implemented CA Federation you can consider acceleration services to further build out and enhance the functionality of your federation infrastructure. Start with the foundation, then add acceleration services to increase solution capability including:

Listed SaaS Provider Failover Acceleration Services Extends scope of capability to integrate your load balancer to provide for failover between the SiteMinder Federation QA and production servers that will act as a high availability pair. It also provides capacity for configuration of up to 3 (three) additional listed federation partnerships.

Listed SaaS Provider Capacity Acceleration Services Extends scope of capability to integrate in units of 1 (one) additional listed SaaS providers as required.