Mainframe Software Rationalization and Conversion

See how your peers save money with CA Core Systems Consulting program.


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CA Core Systems Consulting Programs.

Rationalization drives real results:

  • 300+ customers
  • 24% portfolio reduction
  • 14% vendor reduction
  • $1.4M – average reduction in OPEX spend


Four stages of successful rationalization

Analyze – Our experts will work with you to analyze your current environment, vendor products and figure out initial opportunities to streamline and take out costs.

Assess – Our discovery tools will delve deeper. We’ll help to determine what isn’t working and identify tool redundancies.

Deliver – Actually make the migration happen.  Our experts will guide you on the best mix of conversion utilities and services options.

Follow – Get audits and frequent check-ins to see that everything is working and you are satisfied with the our mainframe rationalization.

CA Core Systems Consulting Program で今すぐ確かな結果を。

Reduced redundancies

Tap into our best practices and solution innovation to safely remove legacy capabilities and align the right product configurations to today’s business demands.

Simpler vendor management

Streamlining your technology environment eliminates the burden of managing multiple vendors.

Reduce costs

Realize both software cost reduction and OPEX reduction result from process efficiencies across an integrated solution.

CA Conversion Services

Any change is risk. When it comes to technology migrations the business case of future cost savings isn’t enough. There is a lot to plan for in a full migration. Is team available? Do they have the time or skills? External partners are expensive. Lastly–process is much more daunting beyond data and artifact conversion.  The open question: how long will this take and will the new solution work?

Conversion Service is a full-suite, cloud-based service based on 30-plus years of CA best practices covering the entire migration lifecycle, addressing the migration from competitive mainframe testing and workload automation tools to ours industry-leading capabilities. Available in three service tiers—full-service, assisted and self-service—and includes five phases: requirements, data preparation, planning and design, conversion and build, test and validation, and finally, rollout.


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