CA Risk Analytics

Leverage risk analytics to minimize fraud loss and maximize cardholder convenience.(英語)

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Improve customer experience

Transparent analysis reduces impact to the customer.

Minimize transaction abandonment

Avoid customer disruption for low-risk transactions.

Manage fraud risk

Real-time measurement isolates transactions that are more likely to be fraudulent.

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Self-learning behavioral fraud detection model

Identify fraud using neural network models.

External fraud management integration

Collaborate with a variety of existing authorization fraud analysis systems.

Multi-component and multi-channel risk assessment

Capture and analyze data available at authentication.

Tech Info

Platform and Migration

CA Risk Analytics is a cloud-based solution delivered via SaaS.


What sets CA Risk Analytics apart from the pack?

Intuitive, Advanced Rule Builder

CA Risk Analytics makes it easy to create, add, change and manage rules. CA Risk Analytics uniquely provides programmable risk analytics rules that can be set and changed in real time.

Total Transparency

CA Risk Analytics provides access to 100 percent of fraud data instantly. This risk analytics solution offers total transparency for the issuer, allowing the issuer to set and manage rules in real time and view and extract all transaction data.

Real-Time Extraction and Analysis of Data

CA Risk Analytics silently evaluates a variety of parameters in real time to determine the degree of risk associated with each transaction. The calculated risk score is used to decide whether to allow, request authentication, send an alert or deny the purchase so the fraud analyst can make quick adjustments to rules.

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