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CA Agile Academy has trained thousands of trendsetters, rule-breakers and rabble-rousers—resulting in the transformation of how business is done around the world.

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Why CA Agile Academy

Since 2001, agile has disrupted the way software companies create their products. Rally was one of those leaders, and even after our acquisition by CA in 2015, we continue to lead the way when it comes to business agility—expanding beyond software into other parts of an organization to truly create agile corporations.

No “Death by PowerPoint”

Although it’s not complex, successful agile implementation takes training and practice. Our courses are designed to ensure you have the information and exposure to real-life examples that you need in order to be successful.

All of our classes are built around collaboration and hands-on learning. Our instructors want to make sure you’re gaining the understanding you need so you can bring back real, actionable strategies for your own agile journey.

Instructors That Are Truly Servant-leaders

CA Agile Academy has trained thousands of agilists around the world—and their instructors are highly sought-after speakers, panelists and leaders in the agile community.

The classes are small—25 or fewer—so this is a great opportunity to interact directly with some agilists that can share their knowledge and experience.

Our instructors have seen the best (and the worst) of an agile transformation and they bring their real-world experience into the classroom. There’s no holding back—if they can help you brainstorm how to handle reluctant team members or how to get buy-in from management, they will share their own experiences so that you can bring that new knowledge with you back to your workplace.

Support Beyond the Classroom

After you’ve completed one of our classes, we continue to provide you with the information and ongoing support you need throughout your agile journey.

  • CA Agile Academy Community: This vibrant alumni community gives everyone a forum to share ideas, offer support and let you know about upcoming agile events.
  • Monthly Newsletter: Filled with the latest from top agilists around the world.
  • Social Media: Our Twitter feed is filled with thought leadership from our coaches and other highly respected members of the agile community.

CA Agile Academy Around the World

While we offer many classes in the United States, CA Agile Academy classes are also found around the world in areas like the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Australia and more. For a full list of our locations, click here.

Our Partnership with Scaled Agile®

We are proud of our strong partnership with Scaled Agile, Inc. To learn more about how CA Agile Academy works with Scaled Agile, click here.

Our Partnership with Scrum Alliance®

CA Agile Academy has a strong partnership with Scrum Alliance. We offer a variety of their certification classes and we align ourselves with their ongoing work to support agility in business and beyond. To learn more about the partnership between CA Agile Academy and Scrum Alliance, click here.

Come and See the Difference

So are you ready to experience agile training like you never have before? Click here for our full calendar and register today—you’ll be glad that you did.

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