Heather Kanser

Engineering Program Director
Agile Coach

Heather’s passion is to help organizations drive change for effective implementation of the CA Agile Central platform and agile methodologies. Heather seeks to increase the use of quantitative insight by making measurement more valuable, accessible and appropriately applied.

She is a seasoned Agile Coach and Software Engineer with a focus on highly collaborative, motivated and healthy software development teams and organizations. Heather’s unique background combined with 15+ years’ experience with agile methodologies enables her to support some of CA’s largest customers with their complex technical needs to ensure success during their agile journey.

Plus, she’s done some pretty cool stuff outside of CA as well—one of which is creating her own artificial pancreas. She is part of a community of approximately 300 people called #wearenotwaiting who are taking matters into their own hands by hacking software and hardware to develop DIY hybrid closed loop solutions to make the burden of Type 1 Diabetes management easier and improve the health of those affected by this chronic disease.

In Her Own Words

During this age of disruption, we need to take advantage of all skills available to accelerate and improve our transformations. Simultaneously, as we scale from teams and programs to the portfolio and enterprise levels, the need for meaningful metrics and analytics increase exponentially. Here at CA, I love getting to work with some of our largest customers helping them develop the set of metrics and analytics that will support their desired transformation outcomes. I believe data-driven continuous improvement is part of the “secret sauce” to success.

What people have to say after Heather’s classes ...

I’ve had the great pleasure of working closely with Heather Kanser for nearly two years and in that time I found her to be professional, ethical, highly conscientious and strongly geared towards tangible results. She is a great example of someone that intuitively understands the quantitative and qualitative aspects of agile software development. Her strong technical background coupled with pragmatic business value-focused ideas make her an invaluable coach for both teams and leaders. My company—and I personally—have both benefited from her wisdom and mindset and she has helped us navigate complex challenges as we journeyed towards a successful agile transformation. I’d welcome the opportunity to be able to work with Heather in the future.

Sesh V.

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