Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (A-CSM℠)

Advance Your Skills and Improve Your Team’s Performance

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Advance the Certified ScrumMaster® role and your team.
Tired of being seen as some sort of Scrum administrator? At least as a Project Manager you were making decisions. Now it’s booking meetings, taking notes and keeping the work-tracking tool updated. There’s more to you and this framework and you’re ready to prove it by improving your team’s performance.

Show your mastery with Scrum.
Enhance your ability to deal with the detractors and those who just want to play the devil’s advocate. Help organizations evaluate different scaling approaches. Build trust with your team and be seen as an effective collaborator. Bring in better ways to organize and manage product backlogs.

Get ready to have fun.
With an agenda packed with activities, this course relies on your participation while exploring many different topics and learning from each other.

Over two days you’ll actively learn, engage in powerful discussions and challenge the status quo in product development. All of the A-CSM learning objectives are covered and you’ll discover:

  • The origins of agile and why Scrum works
  • Tips and tricks to deal with challenges to Scrum
  • How to continuously reflect and improve
  • Practices that support the delivery of great products

You’ll also be confident in your ability to:

  • Increase developer engagement and enjoyment working with Scrum
  • Extend the impact of Scrum throughout the organization
  • Scale Scrum and agile beyond a single team
  • Gain recognition and status as the local agile expert in your company


This course is for current Certified ScrumMasters and active members of the Scrum Alliance®.


You must already hold the CSM license and be an active member of the Scrum Alliance.


What you’ll receive:

  • Advanced Certified ScrumMaster license
  • Course materials and handouts as well as soft copies
  • 16 Scrum Alliance SEUs and PMI PDUs
  • A wealth of knowledge for your organization


  • Build on your foundational knowledge with a focus on implementation of Scrum and agile
  • Distinguish yourself in the global marketplace
  • Advance your potential as a valued professional


Lean, agile and Scrum

  • Agile and Lean Worldview
  • Empirical process control

Facilitation and coaching

  • Plan and facilitate collaborative events
  • Examine coaching techniques and impact

Working with development teams

  • Enhance self-organization
  • Improve team performance
  • Describe the value of engineering

Working with product owners

  • Facilitate creation of the product vision
  • Apply story mapping techniques
  • Organize a backlog refinement session

Working with the organization

  • Resolve impediments
  • Scale Scrum
  • Help team productivity

Scrum Mastery

  • Personal development
  • Servant leadership

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