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Agile Portfolio Management means maintaining alignment between strategy and execution and generating continuous feedback loops to inform portfolio steering decisions. In this two-day training course, learn how adaptive planning accelerates growth, revenue and profit.

This course is ideal as an important early step in helping you successfully achieve a top-down agile transformation. Regardless of the execution methodology, your business can adjust to a framework of investing in initiatives rather than projects, of flowing work through teams and of steering work rather than resources.

Businesses are struggling to keep pace with rapidly changing business and technology demands. Traditional portfolio management for IT projects and software development doesn’t support the fundamental tenets of business agility: sensing and responding to change quickly and confidently. Agile Portfolio Management bridges business agility and effective execution.


Business leaders, portfolio planners, product managers and engineering directors.


Class registration includes a copy of course materials for personal use. A healthy lunch with a vegetarian option is served daily.


After this course, attendees will be able to:

  • Follow the Agile Portfolio Management model to connect portfolio planning and performance with the four pillars of value, work, capacity and financial management
  • Understand the significant roles that transparency, alignment and focus play in executing business strategies
  • Drive decisions to balance portfolio investments with business value, speed and responsiveness
  • Enable portfolio agility by establishing cadences of lightweight, rolling-wave planning and steering, adjusted by real-time feedback
  • Apply the five modern capacity planning principles to match business demands with delivery capacity
  • Change funding and costing models to follow feature delivery through dedicated teams rather than staffing projects


During this course, we lead the group in developing a shared understanding of your organization’s current portfolio management process and its challenges, learning agile and Lean concepts for managing the portfolio and the business and strategizing how to redesign the organization’s portfolio management process to incorporate corresponding practices and data visualizations that will support goals for success.

Your agile coach guides a cross-functional leadership team through a series of interactive exercises that convey how agile portfolio management can deliver real value and improve business results. You’ll learn how to start driving concrete changes into your organization’s portfolio planning and steering processes.

Discover how agile portfolio management practices emphasize:

  • Strategic alignment and transparency
  • Value and responsiveness over cost and schedule
  • Steering with a continuous planning cadence
  • Reduced batch sizes and limiting WiP
  • Dedicated teams over staffing projects
  • Optimized throughput and responsiveness over utilization
  • Feedback loops to mitigate risk and uncertainty

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