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Agile Management

Agile Management solutions provide the fastest path for your organization to delight customers by helping you better plan, execute and service any business deliverable. Learn new ways to work and manage to help foster a customer-focused company.

CA Products and Solutions Covered:

  • Agile Services
  • Business Agility
  • CA Agile Central
  • CA Flowdock
  • Project and Portfolio Management
  • Service Management

Analytics Track

We live in a world where virtually every action is tracked, captured and recorded. Thus, it is pivotal to turn your mountain of business data into actionable insights. The Analytics Track showcases an extensive list of analytics-related sessions and demos taking place at CA World. From providing real-time insights to predicting issues before they occur, see how Analytics from CA can help you succeed in the App Economy.

You’ll Learn About:

  • CA’s analytics use cases throughout our portfolio
  • Newly released analytics-driven features for existing CA products
  • The latest incubations powered by advanced analytics

CA Accelerator Zone

Stop by this area in the Exhibition Center to learn about CA’s Accelerator initiatives, share your accelerator experiences, challenges and strategic needs, and preview the latest projects that focus on areas such as advanced analytics, containers & microservices, and machine learning.

CA Accelerator Projects Covered:

  • Instant Agenda
  • Project Catchfly
  • Project Jarvis
  • WhoZoo

CA Agility Zone

The CA Agility Zone is a dedicated space in the Agile Management area of the CA World Exhibition Center where you can deep-dive on agile-led topics, engage with experienced agile experts and meet your peers in the agile business community. The Zone will help you discover and refine proven strategies and practices to help you take agile to the next level in your organization.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Build high-quality products that customers value
  • Collaborate effectively
  • Create a culture of innovation
  • Get to market faster
  • Increase visibility with modern portfolio management
  • Integrate both DevOps and agile
  • Reduce risk and eliminate waste
  • Scale agility across your business

CA Design Zone

Leaders in their industry, from Apple to Uber, have design at their core. It’s not enough for products and services to simply work, they need to delight. Join us at the CA Design Zone in the Exhibition Center to learn how you can apply a design lens to your business and hear about the CA Design transformation.

We’ll cover: 

  • Crafting a design vision
  • Design fundamentals
  • How to change design strategy

Development Track

The Development Track offers a broad range of sessions for anyone with development responsibilities. These sessions will focus on technology trends including Microservices, containerization and open-source while also covering how CA solutions enable API Design and Development, API Testing, Mobile App Development, Application Performance Management and Mainframe Development.

You’ll Learn How to:

  • Build a sustainable developer community
  • Design & develop APIs
  • Develop for Linux and z Systems
  • Get the most out of docker containers
  • Modernize existing architectures with microservices
  • Modernize mainframe applications
  • Take advantage of open-source software
  • Use analytics to improve development speed and feedback

DevOps – Agile Ops

Ensure and optimize user experience with real-time insight from your applications and infrastructure, including private, public and hybrid cloud environments as well as transactions across mobile, distributed and mainframe hosts.

CA Products and Solutions Covered:

  • Application Experience Analytics
  • Application Performance Management
  • Cloud Monitoring - Private, Public, Hybrid
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Network Performance Management
  • Service Operations Management 

DevOps – API Management and Application Development

APIs are the building blocks of digital transformation. We will show you how to bring systems together, secure their integrations, accelerate app development and capitalize on new opportunities.

CA Products and Solutions Covered:

  • API Creation
  • API Security
  • API Management
  • Mobile App Services

DevOps – Continuous Delivery

Learn how to re-think the ways you develop, test and deploy applications across your software delivery lifecycle (SDLC)—so you can rapidly and reliably deliver high-quality software at any time.

CA Products and Solutions Covered:

  • Release Automation
  • Service Virtualization (& Application Test)
  • Test Data Management

Mainframe and Workload Automation

The mainframe is mission essential to many organizations. Learn how CA is helping to increase business agility with Mainframe DevOps, improve economics with automation and performance management, manage skills with modernized user experiences and predictive analytics, and support Mainframe security and compliance.

CA Products and Solutions Covered:

  • CA Database Management for DB2® for z/OS®
  • CA Output Management
  • CA Workload Automation
  • Enterprise Performance Management
  • Mainframe Application Development, Quality and Testing Tools
  • Mainframe Databases (CA IDMS, CA Datacom)
  • Mainframe Management & Analytics
  • Mainframe Security Management
  • Storage Management for Mainframe


You need to add new digital services and improve your customer experience without compromising security. Learn how to mitigate data breaches and protect your customers and employees with a proactive approach to cybersecurity.

CA Products and Solutions Covered:

  • Authentication
  • IAM-as-a-Service
  • Identity Management and Governance
  • Payment Security
  • Privileged Access Management
  • Single Sign-On

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