Achieving Business Agility in an ERP-Driven World

Continuous Delivery for SAP

Are your traditional ERPs and core business applications struggling to keep up with new digital technology?

Find out how you can achieve SAP agility.

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Aligning your ERPs with digital technologies is a struggle facing many businesses, especially those running SAP. In this eBook, Jason Bloomberg, Intellyx president, argues that only a proper automation strategy will help you achieve SAP agility.

Sneak Peak - Inside This Report

SAP is a mission-critical product, but its legacy architecture is holding back digital transformation. Find out how automation brings your SAP into the digital age. Learn how the right continuous delivery solution can rapidly enhance the way your test data environments can be provisioned at a click of a button, in minutes instead of weeks.

Now operational teams can deliver self-service capabilities to their development and testing colleagues without needing to implement complex and time-consuming manual processes to provision, copy, mask, maintain and synchronize data sets. The benefits of automation are dramatic. Business agility and velocity are absolutely essential to competitive advantage–essential to the survival of the organization. In other words, adapt your ERP for the digital era or risk extinction.

A Plan for Success

Do you want to know how modern digital transformation initiatives can embrace traditional ERP systems such as SAP? SAP Automation enables organizations that depend upon SAP for mission-critical operations to create agile data environments for development and testing. Remember, SAP depends upon centralized database architecture–an architecture that can make testing difficult.

CA Technologies addresses this challenge by:

  • Enabling the optimization of the SAP application delivery process
  • Automating and accelerating SAP system copies
  • Providing modern development teams a safe, secure sandbox of production-like data for testing and development purposes
  • Provides test data provisioning and masking

Learn more about SAP Automation to begin your company’s digital transformation.

CA Technologies has helped us grow and become agile for our customers, both internally and externally. It’s also helped us grow into areas that, quite frankly, other companies and other organizations haven’t been able to move into.

Source: Tom Flitter, Director of Applications and Integration at TASC

A Look Inside


  1. Executive Summary 
  2. Digital Transformation: Change as Core Competency
  3. SAP: Agility From a Bygone Era
  4. The Modern Software Development Lifecycle in the Context of SAP
  5. The SAP Automation
  6. End-to-End Automation and Digital Transformation 

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