Automated ERP Performance

Optimize ERP and be ready for digital transformation.

In the age of digital transformation, is your business able to reach its potential? Or is change slowing you down?

Automate ERP performance

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ERP systems are the backbone of many businesses, but they are under increasing strain as companies deal with the advent of the Internet of Things and the third wave of computing.

This eBook considers the effects of accelerating change and the explosive impact on the volumes of applications that require data from the ERP systems. It is often too expensive and high-risk to replace these systems, yet it is vital to have ERPs that can adapt to changing business models while ensuring the business capitalizes on new opportunities. This makes it possible to facilitate growth, agility and maintain compliance.

This eBook considers automation as a solution, covering:

  • The increasing pressures of ERP
  • The value of systematic automation for ERP
  • Why consolidated automation is critical to ERP in the Internet of Things

Ensure that your ERP systems are able to withstand the pressure created by digital transformation.

For its IT projects, Julius Baer follows a clear strategy: Only implement market-leading technologies. With the implementation of CA Automic Workload Automation as the company-wide job scheduler, the way has been cleared for increased IT productivity. Along with significant cost savings and improved handling, the infrastructure is now also scalable and ready for future changes. CA Automic Workload Automation is the ideal tool for our heterogeneous IT infrastructure.

Source: Thomas Bischof, Team Head of Systems Management at Bank Julius Baer

A Look Inside


  1. Introduction
  2. Why Change is Difficult
  3. How to Be Proactive in the Face of Change
  4. How CA Automic Can Help
  5. CA Automic Workload Automation: More Than ERP
  6. CA Continuous Delivery Automation: Stepping up From ERP

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