Best and Worst Practices in Implementing Business Automation

When and How to Use Automation

Some processes are better suited to automation—and some methods of implementing it are more successful than others.

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Automation can be implemented in a variety of ways, and some are more effective than others. In this eBook, experts who have experienced the ups and downs of automation implementation give their advice for what works and what doesn’t—from making sure a workflow is optimized before it’s automated, to making sure that everyone involved is up to speed about what automation can do for them.

Topics in this eBook include:

  • Processes that are especially amenable to automation
  • The steps to take when rolling out new levels of automation
  • What to do—and not do—when introducing automation

If a business is not automating and has no future plan to automate, it will find itself bogged down with the mundane day-to-day tasks that will eventually hinder its growth.

-- Imtiaz Mohammady, CEO, Nisum Technologies, Inc.

A Look Inside


  • Measure Automation Success in Terms of Total Business Value
  • The Secrets to Business Automation Success—and Failure
  • Business Automation Requires Effective Change Management
  • People and Design Are Key to Automation
  • Serving Up Change While Strengthening the Brand
  • Automation Frees Up IT to Focus on Operational Needs  

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