Automating the Digital Transformation Journey

Are you tired of waiting at a red light?

Moving to an optimized, highly available IT environment should be the aim for every organization.


Are your teams working in an optimized, highly available IT environment? Or are you still shutting down applications for maintenance? The rapid rate of change and impact of cloud computing, containerization and continuous delivery means that organizations must now review how they use IT.

This report by Quocirca highlights a number of ways automation helps ensure the success of your digital transformation initiatives including:

  • Accelerating delivery of new applications and updates
  • Achieving zero-downtime deployments of new digital business applications
  • Connecting digital apps and services with back-office applications
  • Gaining intelligent business insights by bridging the islands of information
  • Making it easier to meet enterprise service levels and comply with audit and regulatory directives

‘Digital Transformation’ may well be one of IT’s most abused terms, yet those that have planned their journey well are realizing solid business benefits from it.

Source: Quocirca: Automating the Digital Transformation Journey

A Look Inside


  1. Introduction
  2. Digital Transformation
  3. Things Ain’t What They Used to Be
  4. Bridging the Islands
  5. DevOps, Agile and Continuous Delivery
  6. What All This Means
  7. The Complex Tooling Environment
  8. Aiming for ‘Absolute Zero’ Downtime
  9. Conclusions
  10. About CA Technologies
  11. About Quorica

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