CA Automic Continuous Delivery for Siebel™: Pain Relief for Siebel Agility Headaches

How Continuous Delivery Can Address the Challenges of Upgrading and Modifying Siebel

Today, business agility is heavily dependent on a company’s agility in developing and delivering software.

As Siebel customers try to adopt agile practices for development of front-end systems of engagement, they often encounter bottlenecks because development of the new code is also tied to Siebel modifications on the back end, causing them feel “locked in” by the systems and software running at the heart of the business and “locked out” of the Agile development practices that help increase business agility.

This analyst report from Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) outlines:

  • An Introduction to the Need for Agile Application Delivery
  • Challenges When CRM or ERP Packages Are Used Both as Stand-Alone Systems and as Systems of Record
  • Siebel's Place in an Agile World
  • Differentiators and the Value Proposition of CA Automic Continuous Delivery for Siebel

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