IDC Technology Spotlight: Business Automation in Complex SAP Environments

IDC examines how organizations that rely upon heterogeneous SAP environments have used technology to automate business processes and reap cost savings.

Most SAP customers are undergoing a digital transformation, as traditional business practices respond to new demands caused by new digital disruptors. They need strategies that ensure core SAP systems integrate with new cloud applications, external data sources and third-party infrastructure platforms as well as needs arising from Big Data and Internet of Things initiatives.

The expectations are very real: business-critical workflows that rely heavily on SAP technology must run seamlessly. But a critical question remains: how to meet these expectations without incurring too much expense, wasting time or falling behind the competition?

This report explores:

  • The transformation SAP is undergoing as it seeks to pursue cloud-based line-of-business applications with solutions for intercompany collaboration, information management, mobile computing and analytics
  • The ‘Automation Gap’ large customers face when trying to run business processes that span multiple SAP modules as well as non-SAP applications
  • End users’ expectations of an always-on service regardless of whether it’s an SAP or non-SAP system managing their requests
  • Why digital transformation is an SAP automation game

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