Accelerating Fiserv DNA Processing Through Enhanced Automation

Make your daily business batch cycle more efficient.

Fiserv DNA is a powerful financial transaction processing and reporting tool for banks and credit unions that ensures data are processed accurately on a daily basis.

If your institution is like others, your daily business batch cycle in DNA consists of 30, 40, 50 or more jobs that must be run in the correct sequence. However, parameters for many of the jobs must be entered manually.

As batch jobs are added to the nightly work, your IT operations staff is challenged on how to best use your server resources to minimize the overall run time of these jobs. In addition, this process is open to potential data entry errors. Even more when the batch cycle depends on information from other software applications.

Find out how you can make your daily business batch cycle more efficient:

  • By automatically running multiple DNA jobs at the same time, using sophisticated scheduling and eliminating the need to copy and release queues for each batch cycle
  • By automatically checking the results from one step to ensure data integrity before continuing to the next step
  • By receiving instant alert production analysis when problems occur
  • By coordinating processing steps across all software applications
  • By automatically distributing output files to vendors

This white paper details the above enhancements that an institution running the CA Automic One Automation Platform in conjunction with DNA can realize and shows why CA is the best solution for providing these enhancements.

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