CA Continuous Delivery Automation at Scale: How to Choose a Solution That Grows With Your Needs

Scalability is crucial – but do you really know what it means? Could short-sighted investments be stunting the growth of your company?

Don’t let short-sighted investments stunt the growth of your company.

Choose your scalability solution now.

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Understanding how ever-changing, increasing demands can affect your release automation tool is critical. Making a mistake when choosing your tool can have far-reaching consequences for your organization. By recognizing what scalability means in different scenarios it's possible to make informed judgments on what will be the most effective solution for your personal requirements.

This white paper helps bring together everything to help you to make an informed decision on which release automation tool to choose, mitigate future risks and make sure your investment is the right one for your company.

This white paper explores:

  • How Scalability Is Defined in the Context of Release Automation Tools
  • How to Analyze Which Facets of Scalability Affect Your Enterprise
  • The Relationship Between Release Automation Tools and Your Company’s Growth
  • How Scalability Should Affect Your Release Automation Tool Choice
  • How to Plan Ahead When Investing in an Release Automation Tool

… Underestimating the importance of scalability for release automation tools costs money and time. To avoid selecting a release automation solution that will not scale to both your immediate and future needs, we will be discussing what ‘scalable’ means in a release automation context.

Source: CA Continuous Delivery Automation at Scale: How to Choose a Solution That Grows With Your Needs

A Look Inside


  1. Introduction
  2. Administrative Scalability
  3. Functional Scalability
  4. Geographic Scalability
  5. Load Scalability
  6. Generational Scalability
  7. Conclusion

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