Automated Data Masking Reduction for SAP System Copy

Shrink your system copy process from days to hours.

System copies used to take days to run and tied up your skilled BASIS staff. Not anymore.

Speed up your SAP system copy process.

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Traditionally, complete SAP system copies have required several days to run, which many enterprises simply can’t afford. Now, solutions exist which allow you to automate a considerable amount of the SAP system copy process, saving you time and freeing up resources.

Learn more about the major challenges the system copy process presents and how solutions such as CA Automic Automated System Copy for SAP and SNP T-Bone overcome these. This white paper explains how you can automate up to 100 percent of your system copy procedures, enabling you to become more agile.

Learn how CA Technologies can help you enable the SAP platform and:

  • Achieve end-to-end automation across environments.
  • Save time and improve accuracy.
  • Manage SAP and non-SAP processes.

The time savings in terms of resources or the speed of performing a SAP system copy is directly related to the degree of automation used throughout the process.

Source: Automated Data Masking Reduction for SAP System Copy

A Look Inside


  1. Introduction
  2. The SAP System Copy Process
  3. Three Major Challenges of the SAP System Copy Process
  4. Automating the SAP System Copy Process
  5. Application Scenarios for CA Automic Automated System Copy with SNP T-Bone DPM

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