Data Automation: Benefits of Automating Data Warehouses and Big Data

Utilize reliable and up-to-date business intelligence to stay ahead of the competition.

Getting reliable information from data warehouses is resource intensive. Missing one step can result in wasted processing time or bad data.

Stay ahead of the competition with CA Automic Workload Automation.

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Ensuring that information is available at the right time to make strategic, tactical and operational decisions can be a challenge. Missing one step in the process, or executing a step at the wrong time, can result in a significant amount of wasted processing time–or in the worst-case scenario, bad data.

CA Automic Workload Automation can be used to integrate your software used in the data warehouse process with enterprise process automation to help you get the right data, on-time, every time.

This white paper explores:

  • The Five Major Steps in a Data Warehouse Process
  • The Problems Faced With Running a Data Warehouse
  • How CA Automic Workload Automation Works With a Data Warehouse
  • The Benefits of an Automated Data Warehousing Process

In today’s economic climate, reliable and up-to-date Business Intelligence (BI) is crucial for decision makers to deliver world-class business performance and stay on top of their competition. Trusted and fast data warehouses are key for delivering business-critical reports to business users at the right time, anywhere.

Source: Data Automation: Benefits of Automating Data Warehouse and Big Data

A Look Inside


  1. The Process
  2. The Problem
  3. The Product
  4. Benefits
  5. Background
  6. Benefits to the Data Warehouse Team

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