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The Definitive Guide to Continuous Testing

Continuous Testing accelerates speed, improves quality, and reduces costs.

The pace of business is now faster than ever before. At the same time, the demand for a perfect user experience can make or break you. The need for speed to develop and release software cannot come at the price of sacrificing quality. 

Even where DevOps exists, organizations continue to experience trade-offs between speed and quality. A successful digital transformation requires something more comprehensive, dynamic and fluid to ensure that software is developed quickly but deployed with quality. 

For this, Continuous Testing is imperative. But then you should ask yourself:

  • How should I remove QA bottlenecks, while still thoroughly testing at every stage of Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)? 
  • How do I measure testing efficiency? 
  • If I shift left – what does testing really look like?

The “Definitive Guide For Continuous Testing” answers these questions and more: 

  • What constitutes Continuous Testing — and why it’s so crucial now 
  • 11 Disciplines of Continuous Testing you need to consider to truly shift left 
  • Why bringing QA and development teams together is the key to DevOps success 
  • How to bake security into the development process, along with quality metrics, to yield more efficient testing processes and ROI 
  • The 6 checkpoints to determine your progress along the continuous testing journey, and how to future proof your business

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