Can Continuous Testing lead to improved confidence and agility?

The short answer is yes. Companies are realizing that a 6-18 month timeframe for releasing and updating software is no longer acceptable for customers. Organizations need to go to market quicker and not be afraid to adopt a fail-forward mentality—and that means a shift in culture.

Read the “Definitive Guide to Continuous Testing” to learn how to:

  • Remove environmental constraints to free up developers’ and testers’ time.
  • Virtualize interfaces you don’t own or control, or don’t want to test.
  • Use ephemeral testing environments.
  • Automate test-date provisioning and management to feed your tests on demand.
  • Set up your pipeline orchestration engine to ensure there’s no manual intervention needed.

This white paper outlines a roadmap to adopting and integrating continuous testing across your organization.

"The Definitive Guide to Continuous Testing” includes the 11 disciplines of continuous testing, techniques to help streamline the journey and metrics you can use to measure progress. 

Download your white paper


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