Empower Business Agility With Hadoop Workflow Automation

This quick comparison of Hadoop processing automation tools enables you to make an informed choice to drive agility.

You know Hadoop analysis is mandatory in today’s digital world. The speed at which your company generates business insights out of Hadoop is vital to the data they have available to drive business decisions. Your challenge is to integrate new big data applications and processes into your IT ecosystem to empower data scientists and analysts without causing major disruption. Without a very good automation tool, that is as hard as it sounds.

Hadoop developers struggle to process raw big data. Multiple, overlapping, time-consuming pre-processing operations such as ETL need to happen first, and they can take time. To remain agile, you need to automate and accelerate these processes by organizing them into reusable workflows. Put simply, automation eliminates your need to write new code.

This white paper goes over the following open source processing tools and their benefits, then compares them to the CA Automic solution for Hadoop Workflow Automation. The five minutes it takes you to research these tools will save your data teams hours every time they analyze Hadoop big data:

  • Apache Oozie
  • Azkaban
  • Airflow
  • Luigi
  • Pinball

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