Key Requirements for Automating Managed File Transfer

Yesterday's files were processed, but now crucial reports and business outcomes are wrong.

Do your staff seem to spend most of their time managing file transfers, finding the right files and diagnosing errors? 

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Are you frequently concerned about the security and reliability of data as it moves across your geo-dispersed organization, partners, suppliers and cloud-based applications? Meanwhile, you may worry about upcoming audits because you have no centralized governance to prove compliance to regulatory measures.

In this short guide, we quickly discuss five key abilities you need to automate file transfer management, give you peace of mind and free your staff to work on driving the business.

These five key abilities are:

  1. Governance, Visibility and Control
  2. Built-In File Transfer with Business Automation
  3. Catch File Transfer Errors, Auto-Remediate and Escalate
  4. On-Demand Without Losing Control
  5. Multi-Tenancy and Role-Based Access Control Enables IT-as-a-Service

Download this guide for a fast route to trouble-free managed file transfers.


I am impressed by the depth of functionality available with CA Automic Workload Automation. The commitment from the CA team is very positive, and they are responsive when working with us and our partners resolving issues.

Source: Andy Hess, Vice President of Wholesale Applications at Fossil, Inc.

A Look Inside


  1. Executive Summary
  2. Manual and Scripting
  3. Automate Deployments
  4. Orchestrate Toolchain
  5. Continuous Delivery
  6. Conclusion

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