Automating Business Processes on SAP and Non-SAP Systems

Recurring delays and errors equal unhappy customers.

So you’ve made a major investment in SAP software to run your critical enterprise processes, but are you getting the maximum ROI?

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For most organizations, processes extend beyond SAP and rely on interaction and integrations with many other custom and packaged applications. Managing this complex matrix of technology is crucial for your company’s agility around SAP, so you must have control and visibility of it.

Management of these processes has become a pressing challenge. Too many of your staff are tied up managing the process. SLAs are frequently missed, and customers receive poor service due to the recurring errors and delays which are now impacting your critical processes.

Perhaps you’re reading this because you’ve heard these processes can easily be automated. Maybe you already have a workload automation solution that isn’t specialized for SAP and all its nuances? You’re in the right place.

CA Automic for SAP gives you these five key requirements, which are succinctly discussed in this short guide:

  • Visibility and control of enterprise processes end-to-end
  • Coordination between SAP and non-SAP systems
  • Integrated file transfers capability
  • Parallel data processing
  • Certification by the SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC)

Read this guide now to gain full control of your SAP processes and beyond.

Slack times were built into our workload plans to ensure one task did not start before another was finished. We lost time this way, but I was impressed with how clever Fossil staff were in terms of managing the dependencies. They’d actually managed to make the best out of a bad situation.

Source: Andy Hess, Vice President of Wholesale Applications at Fossil, Inc.

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  1. Visibility and Control of Enterprise Processes End-to-End
  2. Coordination Between SAP and Non-SAP Systems
  3. Integrated File Transfers Capability
  4. Parallel Data Processing
  5. Certification by the SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC)
  6. Conclusion

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