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Rally Is Now CA Technologies

Agile solutions from CA and Rally empower businesses to build transformative applications, faster.

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Survive Disruption with Rally and CA Technologies

The Rally acquisition brings to CA leading agile software and services expertise to help businesses consistently and quickly develop high-quality software. Not only do Rally’s offerings complement and expand CA strengths in DevOps and Application Lifecycle Management, but they open up a whole new range of opportunities in a world driven by software. The powerful combination of Rally and CA will help organizations deliver value faster and make confident, agile decisions as a matter of everyday business.

Products and Services

Rally products have new names and are part of Agile Management solutions from CA Technologies.

CA Agile Central (formerly Rally ALM)

Apply agile methodology to your enterprise.

CA Agile Academy

Ensure your successful agile transformation and ongoing advancement of agile principles through education and certification.

CA Flowdock® (formerly Rally Flowdock)

Enable team collaboration anywhere, anytime.

CA Agile Transformation Consulting (formerly Rally Agile Transformation Consulting)

Adopt agile methods more quickly to deliver value faster.

Agile Management

Enabling speed and flexibility to transform even the most demanding enterprises into agile ones.

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