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CA Technologies Global Government Relations

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CA Technologies helps public institutions accelerate innovation in order to enhance people’s lives worldwide. Public policy is vitally important to global markets and to our business; as such, CA Technologies strives to take an active role in policy debates globally at multiple levels, on issues impacting the adoption and delivery of technology worldwide to support the modern economy. We believe that engagement is an essential component of responsible corporate citizenship.

Our deep knowledge of and experience with all aspects of IT helps to advance discussion about issues of public concern. CA Technologies is proud to play a role in strengthening and protecting the public institutions upon which we all rely.

Here you will find information about our team, the issues CA Technologies cares about and a list of some of the organizations with which we partner and that are active in policy circles.

We blog on policy issues through our Highlight blog platform, and we maintain a corporate public policy twitter account (@capubpolicy). On each of these platforms, we discuss global public policy issues of interest to CA Technologies and highlight our activities.

If you would like additional information about our government relations and public affairs efforts, please contact us.

Corporate Disclosure and Political Contribution Policies

The CA Technologies Code of Conduct sets forth corporate policies with respect to engagement with government officials. CA Technologies also maintains specific policies governing political contributions and lobbying activity. CA Technologies intends to fully comply with political contribution and lobbying-related reporting requirements.

Lobbying Activity
As part of CA Technologies federal lobbying activity in the U.S., we file quarterly disclosure reports of our activities. Our recent federal lobbying disclosures can be found by searching the federal lobbying disclosure database.

We also submit lobbying disclosure reports in every jurisdiction where we retain third party consultants, and we voluntarily disclose expenditures to the EU Transparency Register.

Political Contributions
CA Technologies does not make political contributions to candidates for U.S. federal or state elective office, nor do we make contributions to political parties or other committees for the purpose of influencing the election of candidates to federal, state, or local public office.

We occasionally make corporate contributions in support of U.S. local and state ballot measures on issues that affect our operations. CA Technologies files reports regarding such contributions and discloses those contributions in accordance with applicable state law. This report lists our annual expenditures to trade associations of which we are a member, as well as contributions made to ballot measures, 527 organizations and 501(c)(4) organizations.

CA Technologies does not have a Political Action Committee. We survey our corporate officers and Board of Directors on a quarterly basis to ensure compliance with our corporate political contributions policies. Each of these policies are reviewed on an annual basis by the Government Relations and Worldwide Legal teams.

Our Vice President of Global Government Relations, in consultation with the CA Technologies Worldwide Law Department, must approve all political spending decisions.

Speaking Out on Issues That Matter:

At CA Technologies, we lend our voice and expertise to a host of issues that are critical to our business and customers, global innovation and corporate stewardship. Below is a sampling of the issues we are engaged on globally:

Digital Trade and Data Flows
CA Technologies believes strongly in the power of software to drive positive global change. As digital technologies and software continue to transform businesses of all kinds, the trade environment must evolve to ensure that data flows freely, that companies have access to global markets and that global uptake of new technologies is encouraged. CA Technologies works to ensure that global trade policy embraces new technologies and provides opportunities for software and data to grow local economies. 

Privacy and Trust
The technology solutions that power the application economy must be built on user trust for the application economy to deliver on its potential. If businesses, governments and consumers do not trust that their information is private and secure, then this will negatively affect growth of the application economy. Organizations that deal with (personal) data need to review their data lifecycle and data management practices. Businesses need to look at these global privacy developments as an opportunity, to further invest in technology that enables trust and loyalty with their customers.

CA Technologies believes the best way to ensure trust is through the adoption of efficient and globally harmonized privacy frameworks which respect the free flow of information and economic growth. Such efforts need to be based on strong cooperation between governments, industry and other stakeholders. As cultures vary across the globe, the way such policies might get implemented may differ. However, CA Technologies believes that there are common guiding principles: share responsibility, harmonization and awareness.

A detailed position paper on privacy and trust can be found here.

The application economy provides a platform for economic dynamism and growth. In the application economy, business and governments need to leverage the power of software to engage new customers and citizens and to deliver superior experiences. Sound cybersecurity practices and policies are tantamount to success in this new model. The technology solutions that power the application economy must be resilient, trustworthy and adaptable to rapidly expanding and evolving threats. Effective government cybersecurity policies help foster an environment, which is conducive to the development of these technology solutions.

CA Technologies works collaboratively with governments, industry organizations, and other stakeholders to shape cybersecurity policy to balance competing interests and encourage the continued development of resilient and innovative cybersecurity solutions.

Our detailed views on effective cybersecurity policy can be found here.

STEM Education and Workforce Skills
CA Technologies recognizes that the workforce of today and tomorrow must be equipped with skills relevant in the application economy. CA Technologies supports deep investments in STEM education globally and partners with our Corporate Social Responsibility team to marshal the Company’s resources to impact communities in which we live and work. We believe that the private sector must play a significant role in educating the workforce of the future, and we work globally to ensure that government and the technology industry partner appropriately to inspire students and workers with the most relevant skills to consider future careers in STEM.

Industry Organizations in Which We Participate

CA Technologies participates in a range of industry organizations dedicated to advancing sound technology policy around the globe. A sampling of the organizations with which we affiliate is below.

This report lists our annual expenditures to trade associations of which we are a member, as well as contributions made to ballot measures, 527 organizations and 501(c)(4) organizations.


Brendan Peter

Vice President and Head of Corporate Affairs
+1 202-513-6305

Christoph Luykx

Senior Director, EMEA Policy & Chief Privacy Strategist
+ 32 (0) 2 773 28 29

Jamieson Brown

Director, Global Cybersecurity Policy and Strategy
+1 202 513 6307

Rebecca Oliver

Director, Global Government Relations
STEM, Skills, Tax, and Emerging Technologies
+1 202 513 6313

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