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Supporting the innovators of tomorrow—today.

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Transforming lives around the globe through education and technology.

Businesses can play a significant role in helping young people—particularly those in underserved communities—realize their full potential. When we create opportunities for them, we also help encourage the next generation of innovators and technology leaders. CA Technologies invests in every stage of the STEM education pipeline, from early childhood to young adult, to inspire the IT leaders of tomorrow.

Create Tomorrow: Corporate Social Responsibility in Europe

The number of jobs in technology is growing and demand is outpacing supply. Over the past several years, the number of STEM jobs has risen faster than any other job category, and many of tomorrow’s occupations will require some background in STEM. At CA Technologies, our mission is to eliminate the barriers between ideas and outcomes. CA has the tools and expertise to address the skills gap. See how we are inspiring the next generation of digital leaders through our actions and innovations.

We innovate better when we all do it together.

Whether it’s through initiatives like Tech Girls Rock, or partnerships that support women-led businesses, CA is committed to promoting gender diversity and supporting the advancement of women in IT. We believe better representation enables greater innovation.

Empowering girls to explore a future in technology.

Tech Girls Rock aims to inspire tween and teen girls to discover an interest in tech-related educational opportunities and careers, with the goal of boosting the number of women in the technology workforce.

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A brighter future for children everywhere.

We partner with organizations that provide opportunities for underserved youth worldwide. From literacy initiatives, to social programs, to making STEM education fun, we help young people learn in new ways and realize their full potential.

Inspiring the next generation of leaders, around the globe.

Over the past several years, CA has expanded efforts to help address the skills gap in Europe with focused initiatives to support STEM learning through the Create Tomorrow program. This Europe-wide program is designed to engage our workforce in the region in programs to help address the skills gap and encourage more women to enter STEM-related careers.

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There is already a wave of new innovators and entrepreneurs breaking ground and leading the way into the future.

Investing in the future of IT.

CA partners with organizations that help transform the lives of underserved children and communities around the world. In order to best equip today’s youth to become tomorrow’s STEM leaders, we support programs that offer mentorships, college and career readiness, and global entrepreneurship opportunities to students.

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