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Design @ CA Technologies

We craft world-class user experiences that eliminate barriers and transform business.

We Are All Designers Now

We believe design is a team sport.

Everyone—developers, PMs, marketers, executives and customers—plays a role in creating products that people want.

Our culture is driven by cross-functional collaboration, empathy for our users and a passion for excellence.

“I’m inspired by a team that never quits until everyone is proud of what they've done.”

Paul Pedrazzi

Head of Design

Building For People

Why can’t enterprise apps be just as delightful to use as consumer apps?

We believe they must be; just because something is complex doesn’t mean it can’t be simple or engaging to use.

After all, software is designed for people.

“I believe that any product, no matter how complex under the surface, can and should be beautiful and easy to use.”

Hagan Rivers

Sr. Product Design Architect

Solving Problems That Matter

We tackle some of the most important design challenges facing our customers today. The work we do has purpose and impact, reaching millions of people around the world.



“The challenges here can make you a better designer. The scale and complexity of our products present opportunities you don’t typically find at other companies.”

Aaron Sagray

Principal UX Designer

Let’s Design Something Beautiful

If you believe that business software can be great, we’d love to hear from you.