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Agile and Continuous Delivery Summit

Where thought leaders and customers share their experiences and insights.

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The in-person Agile and Continuous Delivery Summit was captured for on demand viewing. Hear from thought leaders like Dan North and CA executives their insights and experiences with customers.

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Summit Introduction

Duncan Bradford, Vice President, PreSales, CA Technologies

Providing a Platform for Removing Friction in the Innovation Factory

Jeff Scheaffer – General Manager & SVP, Continuous Delivery, CA Technologies

The Necessity of Continuous Delivery in 2017

Dan North, Founder of Dan North & Associates Consulting 

Democratizing Testing to Accelerate Continuous Delivery

Alon Girmonsky, VP & Founder of BlazeMeter, CA Technologies

What’s Keeping you from Business Agility?

Andrew Sales, Agile Central PreSales Manager, CA Technologies

Continuous Delivery Backbone 

Simon Poulton, Senior PreSales Consultant, CA Technologies

Requirements to Automation as Fast as Possible

Huw Price, VP, Application Delivery, Global QA Strategist, CA Technologies

Service Virtualization – Best Practice/Experience Sharing

Rick Bansal, Senior Presales Consultant, CA Technologies

End-to-End Integrated CD Demo - “The Art of the Possible”

Keith Puzey, Senior Engineering Services Architect, CA Technologies

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