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AIOps Virtual Summit

Achieving AI-Driven IT Operations
Wednesday, June 20th
| 11 am – 3 pm ET

Please join us for a live one day webinar event, with the brightest minds in AI, machine learning, SRE, modern monitoring & analytics.

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How to maximize your current IT Ops monitoring investment for the AI-driven future


What monitoring and analytics capabilities you need to support modern architectures


How AI and machine learning can reduce operational complexity and speed remediation

In this virtual summit, you’ll get the real-world expertise and hands-on guidance available only from the industry’s brightest minds in AI, machine learning and analytics.

With the rise of modern architectures that are required to support digital business initiatives, it is imperative that you have comprehensive visibility coupled with AI and machine learning. That means normalizing, correlating and analyzing massive volumes of IT operational data across your entire digital delivery chain to speed service delivery, increase IT efficiency and deliver a superior user experience.

Successful digital transformation requires AIOps. It enables IT teams to automatically analyze large volumes of digital data—making it easier to solve hard problems. It’s operational intelligence across user, app, API, infra and network services. It’s cross-tier correlated insights, machine learning and predictive analytics.

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Agenda at a Glance

Wednesday, June 20th | 11 am – 3 pm ET

11:00 am

Industry Keynote: An Introduction to AIOps

11:30 am

Achieving Autonomous Operations through AI and ML

Ashok Reddy, CA Technologies

12:00 pm

AIOps: Augmenting Humans with Artificial Intelligence

A fireside chat with Sushil Kumar, CA Technologies

12:30 pm

How AI is Helping Site Reliability Engineers Automate Incident Response

Todd Palino, LinkedIn, David Blank-Edelman (SRECon Co-founder and Author)

1:00 pm

Creating Autonomous Intelligent Infrastructures

1:30 pm

Taming Cloud and Container Chaos With AIOps

2:00 pm

Digital Experience Insights Live Demo

2:20 pm

Operational Intelligence Live Demo

2:40 pm

NetOps Live Demo

Featured Speakers

Todd Palino

Senior Site Reliability Engineer

David Blank-Edelman

SRECon Co-founder and Author

Ashok Reddy

Group General Manager, DevOps
CA Technologies

Sushil Kumar

SVP, Product Strategy and Management
CA Technologies

Kieran Taylor

Senior Director, Product Marketing
CA Technologies

Ali Siddiqui

General Manager, Agile Operations
CA Technologies

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