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Continuous Testing. How Fast Gets Done – Webinar Series

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Stay ahead of your competition by releasing your applications faster and better. Get the know-how on the Continuous Testing tools that can save you time and money by developing, testing and releasing the applications your customers want.

View these virtual sessions where you'll learn how to deliver the best, high-quality experience possible to your customers.

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Use In-Sprint Test Data to Help Relieve Your DevOps Bottleneck

What's keeping you from testing continuously within your sprints? Learn how to find, reserve and use the right test data to help you test at the speed of agile and allow your teams to lead rather than follow each sprint.

Jeff Hughes, Continuous Testing – CA Technologies

On Demand

Data Privacy’s Surprising Impact on Test Data Management

You’re all too familiar with data privacy laws touching every aspect of your business. You can’t be too careful with customer data and with each passing law, the stakes get even higher. Join us for this webcast to learn how test data management practices can not only survive but thrive with all the new data privacy laws enacted in the past year. You’ll learn best practices and experience some of the tools available to help you demonstrate compliance.

Test Data Management is the utilization of a platform of tools by which test data is identified, masked, generated and delivered to testers and testing teams.

Jeff Hughes, CA Technologies

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Testing or Treats - Testing is no longer Tricky with Continuous Testing.

What happens when you don’t have the necessary data to treat your tests with? How do you create test environments that effectively disguise themselves as constrained dependencies? How do you automate quality tests when the requirements you need to develop and test against have not yet materialized? 

Don’t let missing components, poorly designed requirements or missing test data scare you away from testing early and often. Use continuous testing to free your testers to roam their neighborhood in search for other better treats. You can accelerate test efforts, improve application quality, and reduce costs and risks.

Join this web seminar to learn:

  • What is Continuous Testing 
  • What Continuous Testing solutions are available from CA Technologies 
  • How Continuous Testing can help with overcoming some of the scary testing scenarios you may find

Alan Baptista, Product Marketing, CA

On Demand

The Best (not so well known) Use Cases for CA Service Virtualization

This session will cover the common and some not so common use cases of CA Service Virtualization. This will be a session with subject matter experts who will present on how some of CA customers have adopted and extended their use of their instances of CA Service Virtualization. Come to learn, but also to ask our speakers on how best to adopt your SV solution within your organization.

Alan Baptista, CA Technologies

On Demand

What’s the Latest in CA Service Virtualization v10.3

What does CA Service Virtualization v10.3 have to offer? Our experts will talk about tips and tricks as well as offer pointers on our CA Service Virtualization v10.3 features and functions. Join us to answer all your questions about the new version and the upgrading process.

Beverly Mindle, Sr Product Manager, Service Virtualization
Koustubh Warty, Director Product Management, Service Virtualization

On Demand

Better Test Data = Better Applications

Companies struggle to find the right test data when testing applications which leads to bottlenecks, defects and constant delays. How do Test Data Managers find, build, protect, and deliver test data faster? Come find out. 

Prashant Pandey, Testing Engineer, CA Technologies

On Demand

Use In-Sprint Test Automation to Continuously Test at the Speed of Agile

What's keeping you from testing continuously within sprints? Learn how to use in-sprint test automation related practices around requirements engineering, test design automation and test case optimization to help you test at the speed of agile allowing you to shift testing all the way left.

Alex Martins, CTO, Continuous Testing – CA Technologies

Think you're ready for Continuous Testing? Test your organizations readiness.