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Mainframe Virtual Summit Series
Your Path to IT Excellence Starts Here

Tuesday, June 26th | 11 am – 2 pm ET

Get real-world expertise and practical how-to guidance on mainframe, machine learning, DevOps and security.

Register today to learn:

How to deliver operational excellence using machine learning, augmented intelligence and automation.

How to enhance compliance and security excellence through data- and identify-centric solutions

How to drive development excellence with open architectures, agile methods and automation.

This action-packed virtual event is your chance to interact with industry experts and get practical how-to guidance on delivering IT excellence on your mainframe.

From automobiles to credit cards, from blockchain to machine learning, mainframes power some of the most mission essential systems on earth. With shifting digital environments and increasing global connectivity, next generation IT leaders are infusing new capability, flexibility and agility into the platform. In fact, studies indicate that connected mainframe adopters are realizing 300% ROI, a 10 month payback and additional $200M in application revenue.

The Mainframe Virtual Summit Series is designed for all levels. Whether you are part of an existing mainframe team, or new to the platform, there is something for everyone. Attend keynote sessions on industry trends and visit virtual booths for latest product updates, how-to videos , getting-started tutorials, downloadable best practice guides and interactive expert sessions.

With 71% of corporate data residing on mainframes, it is no wonder that 63% of your peers are forecasting growth on the platform. Don’t miss this opportunity to gather with the brightest minds in mainframe machine learning, AI, DevOps and security–right from your desk.

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Agenda at a Glance

Tuesday, June 26th | 11 am – 2 pm ET

11:00 am

Keynote: Six Ways to a Digital Enterprise for Mainframe Leaders

12:00 pm

Achieving DevOps Excellence through Open Architectures, Agile Methods and Automation

12:45 pm

A Practical Guide to Self-Driven Operational Excellence using Machine Learning, Augmented Intelligence and Automation

1:30 pm

Building Compliance and Security Excellence with Data- and Identify-centric Best Practices & Solutions

Be sure to visit the Virtual Exhibit Hall to interact live with CA product experts, network with your peers, learn about best practices, product roadmaps and much more!            

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