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Automation: The Engine that Drives your Digital Transformation

Chris Gardner, senior analyst at Forrester Research, speaks about the future of automation in business in this exclusive webinar.

Learn how automation can drive the digital transformation of your company.

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Are you keeping up with automation trends in your enterprise? Findings by Forrester Research about working in an increasingly complex digital world suggest you should be. In an age of growing connectivity and a widening internet of things, it’s simply not feasible to drive your digital transformation without automation.

Most organizations today are identifying the need to accelerate performance in both application release velocity and day-to-day operations, which automation can provide. Automation frees up valuable time for skilled employees, maximizes the efficient use of available resources, and is vital for the continuous service and rapid delivery that customers in many industries have come to expect. Automation tools—such as those provided by CA Technologies—can be creatively leveraged to unlock your organization’s potential, and are a key component of leading digital transformation strategies, which is why automation research will continue to be an area of focus at Forrester throughout 2018.

A Look Inside 

Discussion content includes:

  • Trends in continuous delivery and DevOps
  • Forrester’s predictions for the future of automation across industries
  • Recent advancements in automation tools 
  • Readying your business for faster automation-driven change
  • Advice to developers and operations teams for keeping up and getting ahead

Automation is driving significant business change and value that didn’t previously exist.
—Chris Gardner, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research, 2017