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Digital Experience Monitoring

On-Demand Virtual Summit - 2018

Deliver world-class digital experiences to your users.

Delivering world-class digital experiences is increasingly becoming a critical differentiator to many organizations. However, the application delivery chains for mobile, Web and wearable applications has become increasingly complex.

Learn how SaaS-based digital experience monitoring and analytics can provide deep, full-stack visibility, unique insights, and actionable recommendations to dramatically improve your users' digital experiences.

Agile Operations Strategy and Solutions to Unify Full-Stack Monitoring, Ensure Optimal User Experiences and Augment Humans with Analytics

To thrive in today’s application economy, IT operations must consistently deliver high performance—spanning modern apps with containers and microserviceshybrid cloud infrastructures and dynamic networks—and measure its effectiveness based on the quality of the user experience.


  • Ali Siddiqui – General Manager, Agile Operations, CA Technologies
  • Sushil Kumar – Sr. Vice President, Product Management, CA Technologies

Industry Keynote: Redefine Operations in a DevOps World—The New Role for Site Reliability Engineering

Across industries, modern operations teams have noted the emergence of a new role: the Site Reliability Engineer (SRE). A SRE is a new IT craftsperson who fuses software engineering and operations best-practices to enable highly reliable software systems.


  • Todd Palino – Sr. Staff Engineer, Site Reliability, LinkedIn

Tech Talk: Explore the New CA Digital Experience Insights SaaS-Based Monitoring and Analytics Solution

CA Digital Experience Insights is a SaaS-based digital experience monitoring and analytics solution, offering an integrated set of app experience analytics, application performance management and infrastructure management capabilities.


  • Bryan Whitmarsh – Sr. Principal Product Manager, CA Technologies

Tech Talk: Learn How CA Leverages Elasticsearch as the Foundation for Analytics in Its New CA Digital Experience Insights Solution

Open source products like the Elastic Stack and other open source technologies such as Kafka, Apache Spark and Hadoop Distributed File System are now at the heart of many solutions that organizations—including CA Technologies—are using to provide visibility and actionable insights for massive amounts of data.


  • Bryan Whitmarsh – Sr. Principal Product Manager, CA Technologies

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