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Modern Application Monitoring

On-Demand Virtual Summit 2018

Find out how to overcome challenges in monitoring modern applications

Behind the sleek interface of today's applications can be a complex array of microservices, containers, APIs, middleware and backend services, spanning mobile, cloud and on-premises. In this virtual summit, your peers and industry experts from organizations such as CNN, Eurosport, Red Hat and CA Technologies share best practices for monitoring modern applications across the DevOps lifecycle.

Register now for this on-demand video series on these topics:

  • Solutions to Unify Full-Stack Monitoring, Ensure Optimal User Experiences and Augment Humans with Analytics
  • How CNN and Eurosport Harness Digital Insights to Improve Customer Experience
  • How to Achieve a Customer-Centric View Across Web, Mobile and Wearables
  • Using APM to Turbocharge Continuous Delivery and Integration
  • Accelerating Business Insights while Improving the Customer Journey
  • Monitor the Performance of APIs Across the Application Lifecycle

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