Modern Application Monitoring Virtual Summit

Overcome the challenges of monitoring modern applications.

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Behind the sleek interface of today’s applications can be a complex array of microservices, containers, APIs, middleware and backend services, spanning mobile, cloud and on-premises. Modern approaches to building these apps can make development more efficient but create monitoring challenges. Your peers and industry experts share best practices for monitoring modern applications across the DevOps lifecycle.

Panel Discussion: Modern Application Monitoring Strategies


  • Gene Kim, Author, “The Phoenix Project” and “The DevOps Handbook”
  • Michael Miller, Principal Analyst/Developer, Dish Network
  • Matt McLarty, Co-Author, “Microservice Architecture” (O’Reilly) and VP, Presales, CA Technologies
  • Kieran Taylor, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Agile Operations, CA Technologies

Amazon Web Services Provides Guidance on How to Take Control of Your Cloud-Based Infrastructure and Applications


  • Barry Russell, General Manager, AWS Marketplace and Catalog Services, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Aruna Ravichandran, VP, DevOps Solutions Marketing, CA Technologies

How Digital Transformation Redefines the Role of IT Operations


  • Ali Siddiqui, General Manager of Agile Operations, CA Technologies
  • Chris Kline, VP, Product Management, CA Technologies
  • Dan Holmes, VP, Product Management, CA Technologies

Case Study: How ILG Paints a Picture-Perfect View of Member Experience


  • Robert D. Gaynor, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Technology, ILG

Monitor Microservices in Docker, Cloud Foundry and AWS Cloud


  • Nishant Kabra, Principal Product Manager, CA Technologies
  • Guenter Grossberger, Sr. Engineering Services Architect, CA Technologies

Use CA Application Performance Management and Jenkins to Turbocharge Continuous Integration


  • Srikant Noorani, Sr. Engineering Services Architect, CA Technologies

Expand DevOps Visibility and Control with API Performance Monitoring


  • Peter Kruty, Advisor, Product Owner, CA Technologies

What’s New in CA Application Performance Management 10.5


  • Josh Napier, Sr. Principal Product Marketing Manager, CA Technologies
  • David Martin, Principal Product Owner, CA Technologies

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