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Modern Application Monitoring

On-Demand Virtual Summit - 2018

Overcome the challenges of monitoring modern applications.

Behind the sleek interface of today’s applications can be a complex array of microservices, containers, APIs, middleware and backend services that span mobile, the cloud and on-premises. Modern approaches to building these apps can make development more efficient but can create monitoring challenges as well. 

Watch your peers and industry experts share best their practices for monitoring modern applications across the DevOps lifecycle.

Agile Operations Strategy and Solutions to Unify Full-Stack Monitoring, Ensure Optimal User Experiences and Augment Humans with Analytics

To thrive in today’s application economy, IT operations must consistently deliver high performance—spanning modern apps with containers and microservices, hybrid cloud infrastructures and dynamic networks—and measure its effectiveness based on the quality of the user experience.


  • Ali Siddiqui – General Manager, Agile Operations, CA Technologies
  • Sushil Kumar – Sr. Vice President, Product Management, CA Technologies

Panel: Discuss Modern Application Monitoring with Your Peers and Industry Experts

Industry experts and leading organizations will share their experiences with best practices for modern application monitoring that help reduce complexity, and speed and simplify the triage of performance issues.


  • Anurag Saran – Senior Solutions Architect, Red Hat
  • John Sheehan – VP, Product Management, Runscope, CA Technologies
  • Amy Feldman – Director, Product Marketing, CA Technologies
  • Nishant Kabra – Principal Product Manager, CA Technologies

Panel: CNN and Eurosport Harness Digital Insights to Improve Customer Experience

Hear how CNN and Eurosport have made mobile app user experience monitoring and analytics a key component of their application development, deployment, monitoring and update practices.


  • John Hashimoto – Vice President Vertical Products, CNN Digital
  • Maxime Faure – Lead Mobile Strategists, Eurosport
  • Kieran Taylor – Sr. Director, Product Marketing, CA Technologies

Panel: Achieve a Customer-Centric View Across Web, Mobile and Wearables

Today, customers are interacting with businesses through mobile, Web and increasingly via wearables. It is critical to understand and improve the user experience we are providing across all of these app channels.


  • John Hashimoto – Vice President Vertical Products, CNN Digital
  • Amy Feldman – Director, Product Marketing, CA Technologies
  • Bryan Whitmarsh – Sr. Principal Product Manager, CA Technologies

Tech Talk: Use CA Application Performance Management to Turbocharge Continuous Delivery and Integration

To help organizations shift left, CA Application Performance Management lets you understand how departments or agile requirements are structured, and how they interact in live deployments, with the same ease as traditional transaction flow visualizations.


  • David Martin – Principal Product Owner, CA Technologies

Tech Talk: Accelerate Business Insights and Improve Customer Journey With CA App Experience Analytics

Through our deep experience with end-user and transaction collection technologies, we will speak to the latest innovations that detect and automate analyses to generate business insights such as funnel analysis, customer journey and business value.


  • Corey Cohen – Advisor, Product Owner, CA Technologies

Tech Talk: Monitor the Performance of APIs Across the Application Lifecycle

Learn how the Runscope API Monitoring service provides a simple UI for developers, architects and IT operations to easily create tests used to perform data validation and monitor the performance and availability of APIs.


  • John Sheehan – Vice President, Product Management, CA Technologies

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