Modern Network Performance Monitoring Virtual Summit

Overcome the challenges of monitoring modern networks.

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Behind the hype of modern technologies like cloud and software-defined networking (SDN) is a complexity that most network operations teams may not be ready for. While the business pushes for advanced technologies to drive competitive advantage, network teams need an advanced monitoring approach that not only unlocks the full benefits of new network architectures but simplifies their ongoing network performance monitoring while utilizing existing processes practices.

Case Study: Target & Bell Canada Leverage the Latest CA Innovations to Advance Network Performance Monitoring


  • Hasit Parmar, Lead Network Performance Engineer, Target
  • Fred Estienne, Managed Solutions Architect, Bell Canada
  • Tim Diep, Director, Product Management, CA Technologies
  • Jeremy Rossbach, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, CA Technologies

Implement Modern Network Performance Monitoring With CA Performance Management Along With CA Network Flow Analysis and CA Application Delivery Analysis


  • Brian Jackson, Sr. Principal Consultant, CA Technologies
  • Jason Normandin, Sr. Principal Product Manager, CA Technologies

Whats New in CA Performance Management 3.0?


  • Jason Normandin, Sr. Principal Product Manager
  • Jeremy Rossbach, Sr. Principal Product Marketing Manager
  • Bernie Clairmont, Sr. Principal Consultant

Modern Network Performance Monitoring for Software-Defined Data Centers (SDDC)

CA Performance Management 3.0 enhanced by CA Virtual Network Assurance 2.0 bridges the gaps that exist in today’s infrastructure management as networks become more complex based on Cisco ACI.

Modern Network Performance Monitoring Product Demo

Walk thru a typical network performance monitoring triage use case from your legacy networks to modern technologies like software-defined networks (SDN) and Cisco ACI in a one dashboard experience.

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