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Modern Network Performance Monitoring

On-Demand Virtual Summit - 2018

Overcome the challenges of monitoring modern networks.

Behind the hype of modern technologies like cloud and software-defined networking (SDN) is a complexity that most network operations teams may not be ready for. While the business pushes for advanced technologies to drive competitive advantage, network teams need an advanced monitoring approach that not only unlocks the full benefits of new network architectures but simplifies their ongoing network performance monitoring while utilizing existing processes practices as well.

Panel: Learn How Your Peers Solve Network Transformation Challenges

Join us for a lively panel discussion with customers of the Network Operations and Analytics platform from CA—representing the financial, utilities, healthcare and telecommunications industries—as we discuss the latest initiatives driving their network transformations.


  • Travis Blalack – Sr. Manager, Network Operations, Southern California Edison
  • Josh Bovee – Sr. Network Engineer, Jack Henry and Associates
  • Matt Sexton – System Adminstrator II, Health Management
  • Jeremy Rossbach – Sr. Principal Product Marketing Manager, CA Technologies

Panel: Monitor the Hottest SDx Architectures With CA Partners and the Network Operations and Analytics Platform from CA

Panel discussion with the hottest SDx and cloud monitoring vendors in the market that are part of the CA software-defined networking (SDN) ecosystem of collaborative partners helping to drive CA customer success for modern network initiatives.


  • Jim Wilkey – Sr. Solutions Sales, Netrounds
  • John Delfield – Vice President, Business Development, Ixia
  • Konstantin Babenko – NetLayer
  • Tim Diep – Sr. Director, Product Management, CA Technologies

Case Study: O2/Telefonica Transitions From CA eHealth® to CA Performance Management for Modern Network Operations Dashboards, Reporting and Differentiated SDN Service Offerings

Learn how one of the largest UK telecommunications providers transitioned to a modern network monitoring platform that delivers fast and intuitive network operations insights, capacity planning and high scale, and future-proofs its next-gen software-defined networking (SDN) initiatives.


  • Gary Williams – OSS/SDN Product Manager, O2/Telefonica

Tech Talk: Gain Deep Visibility into Advanced Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure Architectures for Fault and Performance Management

Get a better understanding of the benefits of modern network fault and performance assurance with comprehensive, end-to-end network coverage for your Cisco ACI environment as well as across all your technology stacks that power your network transformation initiatives.


  • Ngash Jaiswal – Principal Product Manager, CA Technologies
  • Jason Normandin – Sr. Principal Product Owner, CA Technologies

Case Study: Fujitsu Ensures a Reliable Customer Experience with Modern Wi-Fi Monitoring

Learn how CA Spectrum® Infrastructure Manager enables Fujitsu to deliver a superior customer Wi-Fi experience through deployment, discover, monitoring and management of these network architectures.


  • Alexander Zaeh – Sr. Solution Consultant, Fujitsu

Tech Talk: Uncover the Secrets to Public Cloud Internetwork Monitoring

In this session, learn how the Network Operations and Analytics platform from CA and Ixia CloudLens enables you to confidently monitor the new "pathway to the cloud.”


  • John Delfeld – VP, Business Development, Ixia
  • Tim Diep – Sr. Director, Product Management, CA Technologies

Tech Talk: IT Services Provider Embraces SDN and Relies on NetOps Solutions From CA to Ensure Consumer Experience for Web Interactions

This S&P 400 and IT services company to more than 1,100 financial institutions, provides cloud-based hosting based on trust, audit and compliance. Learn how it has partnered with CA and leveraged full-stack NetOps monitoring to continue its network transformation.


  • Josh Bovee – Sr. Network Engineer, Jack Henry and Associates

Tech Talk: Predict Network Behavior with Active Testing and Modern Network Operations and Analytics

Learn how you can easily validate network behavior in automated software-defined everything (SDx) and hybrid cloud environments with Netrounds active testing and monitoring integrated with Network Operations and Analytics from CA.


  • Tim Diep – Sr. Director, Product Management, CA Technologies
  • Kaela Loffler – VP Marketing, Netrounds

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