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Protect your digital business.

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Keep cyber attacks at bay and maintain customer trust. is an analytics-driven app that protects digital businesses with one-click resolution. It focuses on pattern recognition and anomaly detection to provide (near) real-time, actionable insights to large sets of IT and business operational data.

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“I was driving to an appointment when I first heard the initial findings provided by I canceled my next meeting to turn back to the office. The valuable insights were provided by intuitive UI without any software install or configuration, just by ingesting a log file.”

Vijay Singh

Built by intrapreneurs at CA Technologies.

Part of the CA Accelerator program, is a lean startup run by a team of intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs who are building a disruptive business inside the company.

At the CA Accelerator, we build things that matter—because they address the problems people actually have. That’s why the team talked to real, live people before they wrote a single line of code. The result? A smart analytics-driven app that’s earning rave reviews from users.

CA Accelerator

At CA, we start up every day.

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