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Eliminating “Us and Them”: Making IT and the Business One



Challenging popular notions of what it takes for IT organizations to succeed, IT Governance Evangelist Steve Romero presents many of the theories and ideas around IT governance, the key components of successful process management and the direct relationship of behavioral management as key factors in IT’s success.

In Eliminating “Us and Them” Romero calls into question the traditional approaches and strategies for running IT organizations. He argues that IT can become a major asset to the organization, often even becoming "the product" in today's Internet-based sales environment. He discusses these changes and presents three areas that contribute most to the change from an alienated and oft-despised department to a key tool in making the organization succeed:

  • An in-depth understanding of IT governance
  • An in-depth understanding of process and process management
  • A case-study view of how an enterprise can establish, promote and instill the values in every person in the organization

Jeanne W. Ross, Director and Principal Research Scientist of MIT Center for Information Systems Research, says about the book: “Eliminating “Us and Them” offers an honest, easy-to-read assessment of IT-business relationship challenges and the value of overcoming those challenges. It then identifies useful actions to help bridge the gap. I recommend reading a few chapters with your IT or business partner.”

About the author

Steve Romero is an IT Governance Evangelist. He is a passionate IT professional with 30+ years in almost every area of IT. Steve is a recognized expert in IT Governance, Project and Portfolio Management and business process management who travels worldwide speaking at hundreds of events and companies espousing the approach in this book.

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