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Service Virtualization: Reality Is Overrated



In Service Virtualization: Reality is Overrated authors John Michelsen and Jason English explore the new IT practice and technology of Service Virtualization (SV), which is industrializing the process of simulating everything in our software development and test environments. They argue that fake systems are even better than the real thing for most of the design and development lifecycle and show how SV is already making a huge impact at some of the world’s biggest companies.

Service Virtualization: Reality is Overrated is the first book to present this powerful new method for simulating the behavior, data and responsiveness of specific components in complex applications. By faking out dependency constraints, SV can deliver dramatic improvements in speed, cost, performance and agility to the development of enterprise application software.

About the authors

John Michelsen is the former Chief Technology Officer of CA Technologies and the chief architect of the service virtualization and automated validation platform. He’s a leading industry advocate and consultant for lifecycle optimization of enterprise applications. Michelsen holds numerous patents in such areas as service-oriented architectures, object-oriented database management systems, middleware, model-driven architectures and cloud.

Jason English is a marketing and communications expert currently with CXO. He previously served as Vice President of Marketing Communications at ITKO/CA Technologies. He has held the positions of Executive Producer at i2 Technologies and Information Architect for such Fortune 500 clients as HP, IBM®, EDS, Delphi, TaylorMade, Sun, Realm, Adaptec, Motorola and Sprint. He has designed and scored computer games and produced conventional advertising and television commercials. English contributes to many IT publications and presents at IT and software development events, including iqnite Australia, STARwest, BEAworld, Java Developer Summit and Retail Supply Chain Forum.

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