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Technical Support Essentials: Advice to Succeed in Technical Support



Technical Support Essentials explores the many facets of technical support, providing a wide array of topics to serve as points of improvement and discussion. The topics range from good work habits to the way technical support groups establish their own style of work. Andres Sanchez has developed methods of looking at technical support work based on his experience, applying theories, models and concepts synthesized from existing research in other fields such as management, economics, leadership, and psychology. His goal is to build on the work of others and leverage their success to evolve the technical support profession.

About the author

Andrew Sanchez is a Senior Engineering Services Architect. He started his career in technical support in the early 1990s and during his more than 10 years in the industry has worked issues, visited clients on escalations, trained and mentored colleagues in the US and abroad and watched products and support trends come and go. In Technical Support Essentials, Sanchez renders his invaluable experience in a concise and easy-to-read format.

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