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Get to know the distinguished researchers, engineers and staff behind CA Strategic Research and the Office of the CTO.

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Our research team is distributed around the world and our members have expertise in a wide variety of areas. Our researchers are knowledgeable about scientific and technical aspects of research, and they also have a deep insight of the company business, making it possible for them to connect their research to the needs of the business units.


Research Engineer

Innovation Builder, Jedi Programmer


VP, Innovation and University Programs

Council for Technical Excellence Member and Nonprofit Founder for Furry Friends

David C

Research Engineer

Videogame Geek, GIF Master and Abstract Thinker

David S

Research Engineer

Basketball Lover


Sr Project Manager

Quick Learner and Best Cake Maker


Advisor, Engineering Program Management

Deliverable Maestro and Personal Record Crusher


VP, Business Unit Strategy

Author, Blogger and One With Nature


Sr Research Engineer

Technology Boundary Stretcher and Runner’s High Junkie


Program Director

Thought Leadership Cheerleader and Has Yet to Meet a Hobby She Wouldn’t Try


Research Scientist

Simplifies the Complex and Geeks Out on Gadgets


Principal, Strategic Research

Teacher, Observer and Serendipity Finder


Associate Research Engineer

High-Speed Swimmer, Barbecue Master and Open-Minded Engineer


Sr Advisor, Engineering Program Mgmt

Industry Standards MVP and Downtown Philly Tour Guide


Research Scientist

New Idea Hunter and Neighborhood Do-Gooder


Research Scientist

VIP CA Patent Holder and Future Instagram Star

Steve G

Research Scientist

Leader Board Member for CA Patents and Dreamer of Chocolate

Steve V

Research Scientist

Technical Collaborator, Ph.D and Microbrew Connoisseur


VP, Strategic Research

VIP CA Patent Holder and Future Instagram Star

Join a talented and motivated team.

At CA Strategic Research, you will have the opportunity to work in a motivating environment to help CA bring great ideas to life.

Supporting tomorrow’s thought leaders

Building brighter futures by providing access and opportunities to support the innovators of tomorrow.

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