Nimsoft CEO Chris O’Malley Declares Transformation of IT From Infrastructure Owner Into Service Broker

Special Role of IT Management-as-a-Service in Separating “Core vs. Chore” Highlighted in Panel Discussion Featuring ITMaaS Users and Providers

LAS VEGAS, November 14, 2011 -- CA WORLD -- In an address today at CA World 2011, Nimsoft CEO Chris O’Malley outlined the radical transformation of IT organizations from infrastructure owners to service brokers.  O’Malley explained how this new model of IT is being driven by a “competitive vortex” where every company must master disruptive business models, intense stresses on organizational resources and relentlessly escalating customer expectations in order to thrive.

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In response, O’Malley said, IT organizations must transform themselves into highly agile and efficient service brokers---continuously optimizing their resourcing of both “chore” IT tasks such as infrastructure management and “core” imperatives such as customer experience and business model innovation.

He also noted that the virtualization of IT infrastructure is leading to the virtualization of human capital, as enterprises more adaptively tap into the expertise and skills available via the cloud.

“For IT to truly move at the speed of business, you have to let service providers do what they do best—and you have to be able to orchestrate collaboration between your service providers and your internal service owners in real time,” said O’Malley.  “Essentially, IT has to transform itself from an operations-driven organization that maintains custody of infrastructure components to a value-driven organization that intelligently brokers services.”

O’Malley observed that IT Management-as-a-Service is playing a central role in empowering IT organizations to make this critical transition.  “IT organizations and their service provider partners need highly adaptive management tools that they can quickly apply to whatever services they deploy, at whatever scale they deploy them, wherever they happen to be in the cloud,” he explained.  “That’s exactly what ITMaaS does.”

He added that Nimsoft IT monitoring, IT service desk and cloud user experience products have been specifically designed to provide these essential capabilities to the broadening range of customers and service providers in the new cloud service delivery ecosystem.  “Nimsoft uniquely delivers the information and collaboration tools that service providers and their customers need to make the new ‘service broker’ model for IT a reality,” he said.

To illustrate how this model is already being adopted, O’Malley led a panel following his address that included:

• Andrew Rowlands, CIO at PreserveSoft Preservation Software, which provides SaaS solutions for home preservation contractors.
• Tom Beckman, CTO at IT Authorities, Inc., a managed service provider (MSP) that hosts the PreserveSoft solution.
• Jeffrey Garbus, CEO at Soaring Eagle Consulting, an ITMaaS provider specializing in database performance.

Panelists discussed the current collaboration between PreserveSoft, Nimsoft, IT Authorities and Soaring Eagle—and described how that collaboration has enabled PreserveSoft to rapidly and cost-efficiently scale up its operations to meet the needs of home contractors with highly reliable, anytime/anywhere support services.

“The model we have embraced for sourcing ‘chore’ IT deliverables from multiple service providers is agile, economical and highly reliable,” said Rowlands.  “We are living proof that there are plenty of good reasons to both be a cloud company and engage multiple cloud partners.”

“As a managed service provider focused on hosted infrastructure-as-a-service, the Nimsoft ITMaaS solution enables us to keep a close eye on our  customers’ environments while keeping our own management software costs continually aligned with our present needs,” said Beckman.  “Nimsoft also lets us give our customers full visibility into their critical environments, and allows us to seamlessly integrate specialist solution providers such as Soaring Eagle into our existing IT management processes.”

“As more and more companies move their database servers from data centers to the cloud, it is essential for us to collaborate with the MSPs who are servicing our target customers,” said Garbus.  “By forwarding us the appropriate alerts from Nimsoft, IT Authorities can instantly engage us when a customer like PreserveSoft shows even the slightest indication of a problem that may impact service levels to the end-user—so we can quickly intervene to fix the problem and protect the business from SLA breach or downtime.”

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