CA Press Publishes Latest Title, “Cloud Standards: Agreements That Hold Together Clouds”

Author Describes How Standards Enable the Cloud and its Foundation for Driving Future Innovation and Growth

ISLANDIA, N.Y., October 29, 2012 – CA Technologies (NASDAQ:CA) today announced the release of “Cloud Standards: Agreements That Hold Together Clouds,”  the latest book from CA Press. The book is a definitive guide to the technology that supports the cloud and the standards that make cloud computing possible.

“Cloud Standards: Agreements That Hold Together Clouds”  details existing and in-progress industry standards related to cloud computing. With more than 20 years of industry experience, author Marvin Waschke is a leading authority on cloud standards. In the book, Waschke draws upon years of active participation in standards groups including the DMTF Cloud Management Working Group, the OASIS TOSCA Technical Committee and the W3C Service Modeling Language Working Group. He provides an in-depth overview of how existing standards are used and gives engineers practical advice on constructing clouds and cloud-based services.

The book describes how clouds have risen from the accumulation and recombination of discrete increments of innovation and development. These efforts have been undertaken by countless individuals and organizations since network computing began. Without the standards that keep all of its component technologies from many different sources working together, cloud computing as we know it today, would not be possible.

Waschke goes on to discuss the future of the standards landscape, focusing on why a specific cloud standard is needed, what the benefits will be, and what is being done now to fill the gap.

“Emerging standards are often messy and cloud implementers may need to choose between competing proposed standards,” said Waschke. “Sometimes it is better to reject a standard entirely and just ’roll your own.’  Through this book, I want to help readers to make more intelligent and better informed decisions regarding whether or not to adopt standards – and if so, which ones might work best for them.”

While the technologies behind cloud implementations are vast and complex, clouds remain an integral business enabler, not just an integration of computing technologies.  Cloud computing opens the door to a new approach to IT management and breaks down barriers between the business and IT, and this book combines the subjects of computing, standards and business to bring technical and business readers together in their understanding of cloud.

Readers will learn:

• How to leverage cloud standards for more effective use of the cloud
• How cloud depends on networks and the Internet
• Why the cloud is a critical tool for developing business-oriented IT services
• The full role of cloud computing in the progress of Information Technology

“Cloud Standards: Agreements that Hold Clouds Together” is available from Amazon for $49.99. eBook versions can be purchased from the publisher Apress.

About the Author

Marvin Waschke is a senior principal software architect at CA Technologies. He has been coding, designing and managing the development of many systems—ranging through accounting, cell tower management, enterprise service desks, configuration management, and network management.  Throughout his career, Waschke has played a role in standards development and has served on numerous standards groups. Waschke is also the editor-in-chief of the CA Technology Exchange  (an online journal), and he designed, coded, and managed the development of the CA Service Desk Manager product. As an expert on cloud standards, he is also a contributor to the CA Cloud Storm Chasers blog.

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