European Organizations Struggle with IT Asset Audits, Facing Costly Penalties for Non-Compliance, CA Technologies Poll Reveals

European Organizations Need Better, More Automated Governance of Technology Resources

Core News Facts

1. Some 88 percent of European organizations expect their IT assets to be audited at least once in the next 12 months, and 77 percent would struggle to conduct this audit report, poll conducted by CA Technologies at recent Gartner IT Financial, Procurement and Asset Management Summit reveals.
2. If the company were to face a financial penalty for IT asset non-compliance, 78 percent expect that penalty to be high.
3. Some 76 percent of respondents say it is difficult to identify unused software and redistribute it within their organizations.
4. Organizations need to take control of their IT assets throughout their lifecycle, using automated solutions to account for IT assets, and ensure compliance with contractual considerations.
5. To read an Executive Summary of the poll findings, please visit

MORGES, Switzerland, 9 January 2013 – Some 88 percent of companies expect to face a software license audit within the next 12 months, according to CA Technologies (NASDAQ:CA) poll conducted at the Gartner European Gartner Procurement, Financial and Asset Management Summit. In addition, 85% of companies were audited within the past year meaning that these events are extremely prevalent.

Companies are not well prepared to manage their software licenses, according to the survey.  76 percent of respondents feel it is difficult to identify unused software and redistribute licenses within their organization and 77 percent of respondents indicate that it is difficult to manage audit reporting and responses. The survey also reveals that, in case where penalties for IT asset non-compliance are expected, 78 percent of respondents expect them to be high.

“IT asset management practices as they exist today are clearly inadequate—and they clearly leave companies exposed to highly undesirable consequences,” says Helge Scheil, senior vice president, Service and Portfolio Management, EMEA, CA Technologies. “This survey highlights the need for customers to embrace technologies that can help them improve and automate those practices so that they can handle asset audits with ease and get more business value out of their existing technology investments.”

The poll shows that 43 percent of companies track software using manual processes or via departmental tools which expose them to cost overages and license compliance risk. This fragmented, labour-intensive approach undermines firms’ ability to understand and proactively manage asset lifecycle, vendor history, contractual elements, software license allocations, and cost elements of their assets.

To tackle this threat of IT asset non-compliance and potential financial penalties, organizations require a comprehensive asset lifecycle management solution with financial, vendor, contract, and license management that provides visibility and control of their IT asset base.

Solutions such as CA IT Asset Manager enable firms to accurately and efficiently determine what assets are available and in use, improve organizational distribution of those assets, and increase productivity around license reporting and audit responses. This ensures they reduce the risk of license non-compliance and optimise the cost, management and distribution of existing assets avoiding over-purchasing by matching supply to demand.

About the Survey

The survey was conducted by CA Technologies at the European Gartner Procurement, Financial and Asset Management Summit in London, U.K. in October 2012. Some 92 senior decision makers participated in the survey, from 19 countries, and included IT Financial Managers, Procurement Managers, Financial Managers, Information Managers and Architects, Asset Managers, and Data Model Architects.


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